Fast & Fixed is a revolutionary treatment method for patients missing all their teeth or who are running the risk of losing their teeth.

What should you know about the Fast & Fixed system?

The Fast & Fixed system is also known as “teeth in one single day,” because at the end of the treatment session the patient goes back home with fixed teeth (implants and fixed prosthesis), all of this within less than 12 hours.
Sistem fast&fixed

What is Fast & Fixed?

Fast & Fixed is a multiple implant system offering the major advantage of immediate prosthesis.
There are two options available:
• a 4-implant system, used for the mandible (lower arch);
• a 6-implant system, used for the jaw bone (upper arch).
In our clinic, treatment is performed by a mixed team, certified by Bredent Germany and made up of an implant surgeon and a prosthetist.


Whom is the Fast & Fixed treatment for?

The Fast & Fixed system is the perfect treatment solution for:
• patients missing all the teeth on one arcade (total tooth loss)
• patients that have lost a large part of their teeth and are running the risk of total loss due to various disorders (e.g. periodontitis).

Is there an age limit for the Fast & Fixed treatment?

This treatment is dedicated especially to middle-aged people.
There are also cases when younger people resort to such a treatment.
The Fast & Fixed system was patented by the internationally famous German company Bredent Medical and is preferred by patients and doctors all over the world thanks to its multiple advantages.
avantajele_tratamentului_ fast_fix

Advantages of Fast & Fixed

• The joy of having fixed teeth in less than 12 hours;
• The Fast & Fixed system reduces the treatment period from 12 months to less than 12 hours;
Significant reduction in costs compared to classic implant systems (the expensive procedures that are required for the classic systems are no longer necessary);
The guarantee of a normal life;
Natural aspect of teeth, even in the case of provisional fixed prostheses;
Increased comfort, as the Fast & Fixed system does away with any discomfort when speaking or chewing, as opposed to classic prostheses;
Absence of pain.


Prices for the Fast & Fixed system


Fast & Fixed SystemPreț (Ron)
4 implants + provisional fixed prostheses18.400
6 iimplants + provisional fixed prostheses23.000

Financial solutions

The Fast & Fixed revolutionary system is accessible to you, as you can pay it by means of 3 financial solutions for the payment in installments:
payment in 12 interest-free INSTALLMENTS by means of Raiffeisen Card, CardAvantaj, StarBT or AlphaCard;
payment in 18, 24 or 36 INSTALLMENTS by means of the Optimo Card;
• a medical loan with a low interest rate and an extended repayment period of up to 60 months.
The financial solutions we provide with 5 partner banks offer one major benefit to our patients: the flexibility in choosing the financial service provider.
Other financial solutions: subscriptions and special offers.