Dental aesthetics is the natural response of modern dental medicine to patients’ continuous need to improve the appearance of their teeth.

Interdental spaces, discoloration, teeth of unaesthetic shape and size, dentomaxillary disharmony (crowding) alter the natural appearance of your smile.

For most people, having unaesthetic teeth leads to uncertainty and low self-confidence, a major barrier for the individual’s social and professional development.


The Smile Experts Dental Clinic provides patients with a wide range of the latest procedures and treatments for dental aesthetics:

Professional teeth whitening It is performed in the office with the whitening lamp and offers several advantages: removal of unaesthetic stains, shiny teeth, improved self-image, short treatment time.
Digital Smile Design® A computerised procedure which helps you preview the outcome of procedures which will be performed to give you your desired smile.
Minimally invasive veneers Are preferred by patients and dentists worldwide due to their remarkable features: the minimally invasive treatment includes preservation of the tooth structure, resistance, longevity, and biocompatibility.
They restore the natural look of teeth.
Classic veneers Their aesthetic and structural features are similar to those of minimally invasive veneers.
They are used when the patient’s clinical status requires tooth polishing.