The Smile Experts Dental Clinic owns two digital radiology units.

Carestream panoramic digital radiology (USA)

  •  the latest Carestream technology (2015);
  • high-resolution imagery (X-rays);
  • precise diagnostics;
  • rapidity;
  • safety: exposure for only 10 seconds. 

Panoramic X-ray is necessary and recommended for the complex assessment of the patient’s dental health (full dental status) and for monitoring the results of certain treatments.

Sirona intraoral digital radiology (Germany)

 Advantages of digital retro alveolar X-ray:

  • reduced patient exposure to radiation by up to 90% compared to classic radiology;
  • reduced working time by eliminating the developing step (the image appears on the monitor within seconds of exposure);
  • high-quality images, which can be altered to provide the information we need;
  • the possibility to view multiple images on the monitor simultaneously;
  • storage of all X-ray images obtained over time to enable real-time viewing, submission in digital format and visualization on different computers.

Retro-alveolar X-rays provide detailed information and are recommended for diagnostics or monitoring of the treatment results for 1-3 teeth.