Orthodontics is the branch of dental surgery dealing with the treatment of teeth and jaw irregularities: misalignment of teeth arches (jaw bone – mandible in occlusion) and/or malpositions of teeth in the arches (crowded, crooked or gapped teeth).

The orthodontic treatment by means of brackets ensures:

  • the alignment of jaw bones in occlusion;
  • the correct position of teeth in the teeth arches;
  • the elimination of factors that may generate other dental conditions: cavities, the periodontal disease;
  • higher self-confidence;
  • elimination of speech imperfections;
  • a better self-image. 

The Smile Experts Dental Clinic offers its patients a wide range of brackets: invisible brackets, sapphire brackets, ceramic brackets, metal brackets, mobile brackets and retainers.

Types of braces  
Incognito® hidden braces Incognito® are fixed brackets.
They are invisible due to their application on the lingual side (the back) of teeth.
Invisalign® clear braces Invisalign® are invisible and mobile brackets.
The clear mouth tray can be fully removed by the patient for cleaning.
Sapphire braces Brackets with superior aesthetics are preferred by most of the patients for whom aesthetics is important throughout the treatment.
Sapphire brackets are completely transparent and imperceptible, regardless of the colour of the teeth on which they are applied.
Ceramic braces Ceramic brackets are fixed brackets.
The brackets are made of ceramics and coloured to mimic the tooth shade.
Metal braces Metal brackets are fixed orthodontic appliances, one of the most commonly used methods for orthodontic treatment.
Retainer Wearing a retainer after the orthodontic treatment, for the period recommended by the orthodontist, is required to prevent the teeth from shifting out of position.