For a detailed and transparent information and from respect to actual or potential patients of our clinic, the updated price list is always available in its entirety.

Available from 01.07.2017


Consultation : determinate the dental status100
Invisible caries detection LASER technology100
Dental consult with a specialist MD150
Panoramic X-Ray80
Retro alveolar X-ray25
CAD-CAM Dental prosthetics (1 hour computerized milling in dental office)RON
Full ceramic dental crown1400
Full ceramic inlay / onlay900
Tartar removal using ultrasounds, Professional brushing / arch75
Air – Flow / arch50
Air – Flow perio / arch100
Teeth Fluoridation / arch50
Professional brushing / arch50
Complex prophylaxis session: Tartar removal using ultrasounds, Professional brushing, Air-flow, teeth Fluoridation, oral Hygiene training300
Icon tooth remineralization treatment100
Desensitization procedure / tooth50
Bacterial plaque detection50
Kids complex prophylaxis session200
Professional cleaning of complex overdentures on implants300
Smile Recall®, prevention programRON
Periodical control and professional cleaning program (6 months)
25% discount from the price list for all necessary procedures
Tartar removal using ultrasounds, Professional brushing /arch56,25
Professional brushing /arch37,5
Air-Flow / arch37,5
Teeth Fluoridation / arch37,5
Invisible caries detection (LASER technology)75
Complex prophylaxis session225
Composite filling (dental fillings) 
1 surface150
2 surfaces200
3 surfaces250
Complex atypical cavity300
Full ceramic inlay (“dental filling for a lifetime “)900
Direct/indirect coating50
Glassionemer filling100
Selective milling session for byte equilibration200
Tooth sealing100
Composite filling – temporary tooth (dental fillings)150
Consultation Digital Smile Design 
Preliminary consultation:
• photos of the initial situation (dentition, physiognomy)
• computer simulation of your desired dentition
Advanced consultation:
• photos of the initial situation (dentition, physiognomy)
• computer simulation of your desired dentition
• Wax mock-up(in-lab recreation of your desired dentition)
• Try-in veneers based on the computer simulation to help you visualize the final result
Laminate Porcelain Veneers – 1 veneer2.000
Porcelain Veneers – 1 veneer1.400
Professional teeth whitening with peroxide gel and LED lamp – USA1.200
Take-home teeth whitening treatment (including peroxide whitening gel and mouth guards)800
Non-vital tooth whitening300
Mouth guard for take-home whitening treatment200
Peroxide whitening gel for take-home whitening treatment (1 seringe)150
Straumann dental implant – Switzerland5.650
BlueSky Bredent dental implant– Germany3.200
Megagen AnyRidge dental implant – Korea2.900
Megagen AnyOne dental implant – Korea2.000
Straumann prosthetic abutment1.000
Bredent BlueSky prosthetic abutment600
Megagen AnyRidge prosthetic abutment450
Megagen AnyOne prosthetic abutment450
Titanium customized prosthetic abutment600
Zirconium customized prosthetic abutment700
Straumann customized prosthetic abutment1.000
Straumann temporary prosthetic abutment600
Bredent Blue Sky temporary prosthetic abutment250
Megagen AnyRidge temporary prosthetic abutment200
Megagen AnyOne temporary prosthetic abutment200
Implant removing2500
Bredent Fast&Fixed System – Germany 
4 implants + fixed temporary prosthetic system18.400
6 implants + fixed temporary prosthetic system23.000
Structure for Fast & Fixed permanent prosthetic system6000
Acrylic veneers for Fast & Fixed permanent prosthetic system / tooth250
Compozit veneers for Fast & Fixed permanent prosthetic system / tooth500
Ceramic veneers for Fast & Fixed permanent prosthetic system / tooth1400
Ortho implant650
Opened sinus elevation5.500
Closed sinus elevation2.250
Bone augmentation + collagen membrane 
Single root tooth1.100
Multiple roots tooth1.350
Bone augmentation with I-gen membrane / tooth2.700
Bone augmentation with PTFE (titanium) / tooth4.500
Bone block augmentation / tooth2.700
Bone split2.300
Bone condensation900
Periodontometry / arch100
Open flap (without augmentation) / tooth250
Open flap with augmentation / tooth450
Scaling and root planning (without flap) / tooth (SRP)100
Teeth immobilization (splint) with composite fiber200
Gingivectomy / teeth100
Tooth elongation with bone remodeling / teeth200
Multiple recessions covering till 4 teeth (with connective tissue)2.500
Single recession covering (with connective tissue)1.000
Root tunneling450
Distal Wedge500
Emdogain 0,3 ml1.000
Emdogain 0,15 ml700
Gingival sulcus debridement with LASER / tooth50
Air – Flow Perio / arch100
Antibiotic treatment / tooth50
Complex subgingival cleaning / tooth100
Mucoderm membrane augmentation2500
Photos for diagnostic purposes100
Fixed orthodontic appliances 
Metal Brackets / arch2.500
Ceramic Brackets / arch3.500
Sapphire Brackets Inspire ICE /arch4.000
Passive self-ligating metal brackets / arch4.500
Passive self-ligating ceramic brackets / arch5.000
INVISALIGN Full / arch
• check-ups included
• check-ups included
INVISALIGN Digital orthodontic diagnosis
• digital impression
• photo diagnosis
• 3D dental treatment plan made in USA
Invisible orthodontic appliances Incognito / arch11.500
Mobile orthodontic appliance / arch1200
Periodical control of fixed orthodontic appliance /arch75
Periodical control of mobile orthodontic appliance / arch75
Periodical control of fixed orthodontic appliance INCOGNITO / arch100
Lip bumper700
Facial arch and activator1.400
Maxilla Disjunctor1.400
Correction byte guards / arch600
Space maintainer600
Pendulum appliance600
Head gear600
After treatment removable appliances200
Bracket adhesion50
Metal bracket replacement100
Sapphire bracket replacement200
Incognito bracket replacement500
Physiognomic dental wire replacement100
Professional prophylaxis session of the orthodontic appliances150
Endodontic tooth diagnosis150
Vital nerve removal 
1 root100
2 roots150
3 roots200
4 roots250
Calming / Antiseptic Bandage60
Caustinerf bandage60
Trata Gangrene treatment with antiseptic100
Gangrene treatment with LASER / canal100
Calcium hydroxide treatment 
1 canal100
2 canals125
3 canals150
4 canals175
Thermafil root canal treatment (root canal preparation with rotating instruments and apex locator) 
1 canal150
2 canals250
3 canals300
4 canals400
Classic root canal treatment (root canal preparation, root canal disinfection, apex locator) 
1 canal100
2 canals150
3 canals200
4 canals250
Root canal filling using warm vertical compaction – Carl Zeiss microscope
(Fluid guttaperch injection, rotary preparation and ultrasound sterilization of canals)
1 canal550
2 canals650
3 canals750
4 canals800
Removal of root canal filling 
1 canal100
2 canals150
3 canals170
4 canals200
Endodontic drainage / root canal100
MTA coating100
Tooth vitality test50
Vital removal of monoradicular temporary tooth100
Vital removal of pluriradicular temporary tooth150
Root canal filling of pluriradicular temporary tooth150
Root canal filling of monoradicular temporary tooth100
Removal of metal post 
Removal of glass fiber post300
Removal of separated instrument using microscope450
MTA coating using microscope450
Ceramic fussed to metal dental crown800
Ceramic fussed to zirconium dental crown (computerized drilled CAD-CAM)1.400
Full ceramic dental crown (computerized drilled CAD-CAM)1.400
Ceramic fussed to zirconium dental crown on an implant (computerized drilled CAD-CAM)2.000
Full ceramic dental crown on an implant (computerized drilled CAD-CAM)2.000
Ceramic fussed to metal dental crown on an implant1100
Screw retained crown on implant300
Composite Inlay/Onlay600
Full ceramic Inlay/Onlay900
Cr-Ni crown reconstructing pin250
Glass fiber post for tooth reconstruction 
1 root250
2 roots350
Maxillary complete denture/arch1.300
Maxillary complete denture with metal reinforcement / arch1.500
Denture on telescopes3.000
Change of telescope /pcs300
Telescope crown1.350
Maxillary partial denture (max. 8 teeth) / arch1.000
Tooth adding on denture100
Denture restoration100
Denture lining200
Metal framework partial denture with special connecting systems3.500
Metal framework partial denture with clasps2.500
Plastic housing changing (2 pcs)150
Overdenture – denture on implants with special connecting systems5.000
Overdenture special connecting systems / implant600
In-lab acrylic temporary crown100
In-lab reinforced acrylic temporary crown150
Acrylic temporary crown50
Ceramic semi-physiognomic crown600
Composite semi-physiognomic crown500
Acrylic semi-physiognomic crown250
Metal crown300
Crown cementation(for crowns not made in out clinic)/crown100
Crown removal50
Post removal 
1 root200
2 – 4 roots300
Stitched bridge300
Kemeny denture (1-3 teeth )300
Occlusal correcting guard500
Study models100
Tooth extraction (Includes anesthesia and post extraction examinations) 
Single root tooth150
Multiple roots tooth200
Mobile tooth100
Erupted wisdom250
Partially erupted wisdom350
Impacted wisdom tooth450
Horizontal Impacted wisdom600
Impacted canine/premolar600
Exposure and anchorage impacted tooth600
Apical resection500
Drainage dental abscess100
Medical treatment of pericoronitis50
Wisdom tooth exposure100
Sinus sealing200
Temporary tooth extraction100
Charge for emergency treatment outside working hours
(with previous telephone confirmation)
Charge for emergency treatment during working hours150

Payment of emergency treatment outside the opening hours can not be done with credit card.

Thank you for understanding.