The invisible orthodontic appliance, which is preferred by most of the patients for whom aesthetics is important throughout the treatment, is used in the orthodontic treatment for teenagers and adults.
The Smile Experts Clinic offers state-of-the-art invisible orthodontic appliances which are now used worldwide.
Therefore, depending on their clinical status, our patients will choose, together with their orthodontist, the best treatment solution.

Various types of invisible orthodontic appliances used in orthodontic treatments

There are several types of invisible orthodontic appliances, which have different applications/uses in orthodontic treatments:







Invisalign   incognito   sapphire dental braces

Detachable, invisible orthodontic appliance, that comes as a transparent mouthguard.


Fixed invisible orthodontic appliance, with application on the lingual side (the back) of the teeth.


Fixed invisible orthodontic appliance, with application on the vestibular side (the front) of the teeth.


Prices for an invisible orthodontic appliance

The price of invisible orthodontic appliances differs from that of a classic metal or ceramic appliance, as it is influenced by several objective factors, such as: the technology used, the place where they are manufactured, the customization, the resistance of the materials employed.
Unlike classic orthodontic appliances, Invisalign and Incognito are customized. They are designed in laboratories by computer, only in the USA and Germany, based on the patient’s dental impression, and use state-of-the-art technologies.


Orthodontic appliance Price / arch (Ron)
INVISALIGN Full (2 arches treatment)
• check-ups included
INVISALIGN Lite (2 arches treatment)
• check-ups included
Incognito 13.000
Sapphire Inspire Ice 4.500


Financial solutions

Regardless of the orthodontic appliance you want, we will make it accessible to you, as you can pay it fully or in part by means of 6 financial solutions for the payment in installments:

  • NEW: payment in 36 INSTALLMENTS , without interest, through ING Credit Card;
  • payment in 24 INSTALLMENTS , without interest, through Ing Credit Card, CEC Credit Card, Raiffeisen Credit Card or Alpha Credit Card;
  • payment in 12 INSTALLMENTS, without interest, through CardAvantaj or StarBT;
  • payment in 18, 24 or 36 INSTALLMENTS through Optimo Card;
  • low-interest medical credit and extended repayment period up to 60 months.

The financial solutions we provide with 6 partner banks offer one major benefit to our patients: flexibility in choosing the financial service provider.
Other financial solutions: subscriptions and special offers.

Why is an orthodontic appliance necessary?

Wearing an orthodontic appliance is not a fashion statement. It is a necessity.
Dental malpositions (crooked, gapped, crowded teeth) or alterations in dental arches affect us both in terms of aesthetics and mostly health.
If left untreated, irrespective of the age, dental malpositions may also lead to certain disorders, such as:
• Dental decays;
• Gum bleeding;
• Gum disease, the “periodontitis”;
• Bone resorption of the arches;
• Speech impairment (defective pronunciation);
• Digestive disorders caused by improper chewing.

Choose a beautiful and healthy smile! The invisible dental appliance ensures a discreet orthodontic treatment.


Visible results with the invisible orthodontic appliance!


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