INCOGNITO are invisible dental appliances ideal for active people who are looking for a discreet orthodontic treatment.


What should you know about the INCOGNITO brackets?

invisible dental appliances
• they are fixed brackets;
• they are invisible from the outside, due to their application;
• they are applied on the lingual side (the back) of teeth;
• they are almost as effective in correcting orthodontic problems as classic appliances;
• they are suitable for most patients.
They are manufactured in a specialised laboratory in Germany after computerised analysis of the scanned dental impression, therefore they will take 6 weeks to make.

Advantages of the INCOGNITO brackets:

invisible_dental_appliances_Incognito• unlike classic appliances, the INCOGNITO brackets are customized for each patient;
• the customization and technology used allow for the perfect adaptation onto each tooth;
• sthey are extra flat, so you will simply forget that you are wearing them;
• they reduce speech impairments to a minimum.

Price of invisible orthodontic appliances INCOGNITO


Orthodontic appliance Price (Ron)
Invisible orthodontic appliances INCOGNITO
(the price contains the costs of all periodic examinations)
*price per arch

Financial solutions

The invisible orthodontic appliances INCOGNITO can be paid in 6 or 12 interest-free instalments or by taking a medical loan with a low interest rate and an extended repayment period.
The financial solutions we provide with 3 partner banks offer one major benefit to our patients: the flexibility in choosing the financial service provider.
Other financial solutions: subscriptions and special offers.

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