What should we know about invisible caries?

Depending on the degree of damage to the tooth, the place of occurrence and the development mode, there are two types of caries:

  1. caries visible to the naked eye, which can be detected by the dentist by traditional means during consultation;
  1. caries invisible to the naked eye, which can be detected only with cutting-edge technologies;


Types of caries invisible to the naked eye

There are two types of caries invisible to the naked eye:
Interdental caries – develops between teeth and affects rapidly and profoundly one or two teeth.
Intradental caries – develops inside the tooth, under the enamel, is invisible to the naked eye in many cases and affects the tooth to a great extent.

Detection of invisible caries

Interdental and intradental caries can be discovered at an early stage, when there are no symptoms (pain), using LASER technology, available at Smile Experts.

Very important! The detection method using LASER technology also considerably eliminates the risk of an unnecessary intervention on a tooth, as it can make the difference between a caries and marmoration

Marmorations are small brown stains appearing on the tooth surface that do not affect its structure and do not require the dentist’s intervention.

Intradental caries develop inside the tooth and on the exterior on the enamel surface there is a small brown stain similar to marmoration.

The advantages of invisible caries detection by LASER technology

  1. it saves teeth;
  2. it detects more than 90% of the invisible caries at an early stage;
  3. safe technology that can also be used on pregnant women;
  4. without radiations, it can be used repeatedly;
  5. it considerably reduces the risk of unnecessary interventions on teeth;
  6. it dramatically reduces the treatment cost of dental caries.


The dental caries and its negative effects on health

The dental caries, together with periodontal disease (“parodontosis”) is the main factor of teeth loss. Undetected and untreated correctly and on time, it has multiple negative effects on health:

  • pain;
  • unpleasant odour in the oral cavity;
  • abscess formation;
  • improper chewing;
  • teeth loss.

Do not let invisible caries affect your teeth. Detect them at an early stage.