Digital Smile Design is a computerised procedure which helps you preview the outcome of dental treatments such as veneers, dental implants, crowns or bridges, which are going to be performed to give you your desired smile.
Digital Smile DesignPatients with unaesthetic teeth often give up the necessary treatment, as they feel they will lack control or that the final result is uncertain or will be unsatisfactory.
The joy to smile naturally, without any inhibition it must and it can become reality!
With Digital Smile Design, patients who want a new design for their smile can preview the final result before starting the treatment.

Advantages of Digital Smile Design (DSD):

• Achieves harmonization of the teeth with the rest of the face;
• You can view the current appearance of your teeth and the results which can be obtained with treatment;
• Allows for simulation of more versions of treatment;
• Provides high-quality images to let you choose the design you want for your smile;
• Provides control over the outcome of the performed procedures.



3 simple steps for achieving the desired smile with Digital Smile Design


1. We understand your needs and expectations

It is important that the specialist understands what you want to express with your smile. Therefore, the DSD examination will include a detailed discussion, and a centralized form will be completed.


2. We take images of your teeth and face

The computerized simulation of your new . smile is based on the current appearance of your teeth and face.
That is why during the DSD examination we take a whole range of photos of these features.


3. With the software, we create the new design for your smile


Starting from the information and photos obtained during the previous stage, the specialist uses the software to simulate the new design for your smile.
We can simulate different treatment versions (different smile designs) from which you can choose what you think fits best.





Smile Experts dental clinic is an official Digital Smile Design center.

Mrs. Andreea ALEXANDRU, MD, a member of the Smile Experts team, participated in the courses taught by Dr. Christian Coachman, the inventor of Digital Smile Design.


Do you want a new look for your smile, do you want to have a sneak preview of the final result before starting treatment?


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