Implantology is the branch of dental surgery dealing with the replacement of missing or destroyed teeth with dental implants, including a thorough preliminary treatment plan, surgery and prosthetic reconstruction.
There are currently several treatment methods for replacing (one or more) missing teeth and the dental implant treatment is considered to be the safest method because:

  • it restores all the functions of the replaced tooth;
  • it ensures the normal mastication which is identical to that of natural teeth;
  • in the case of extractions by immediate replacement of the tooth with a dental implant, it prevents the jaw bone resorption and, implicitly, the modification of the patient’s facial features;
  • in the case of congenital absence of teeth, it prevents tooth migration which in time can lead to tooth loss;
  • it has perfect biological compatibility with your body;
  • with proper hygiene and regular professional cleaning, the dental implant can last for a long time.

Available dental implants and procedures

For a successful and stress-free performance of the dental implant treatment, the Smile Experts Dental Clinic provides patients with a wide range of implant systems and surgical procedures:

Types of dental implants and procedures  
Dental Implant Straumann dental implant – Switzerland
BlueSky Bredent dental implant – Germany
Megagen dental implant – Korea
Fast&Fixed systems – “teeth in a day” Fast&Fixed system Bredent – 4 dental implants
Fast&Fixed system Bredent – 4 dental implants
Sinus elevation Opened sinus elevation
Closed sinus elevation
Bone augmentations Bio-Oss augmentation
Bio-Gide membrane

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