There is no need for you to postpone or schedule for financial reasons the complex medical treatment you need!


Through its partner banks, the Smile Experts Dental Clinic offers patients affordable financing solutions by means of medical loans:


• High credit value, of up to EUR 5,000 in RON equivalent;
• Extended loan period, between 2 and 5 years;
• Quick approval of the loan;
• Dedicated financial consultant;
• Down payment is not compulsory;
• When calculating your net income, all your certain and permanent net income may be taken into account.


The medical loan can be used to finance all or a portion of the treatment you need.


Advantages of the Smile Experts’ financing solution:


• Access to state-of-the-art treatments;
• On-the-spot performance of the treatment you need;
• Extended repayment period;
• Affordable financing costs, low interest rate;
• Quick approval of the loan and permanent consultancy;


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