Patients, Experiences, Satisfaction, Trust.


The best way to measure patient satisfaction is your patient’s recommendation.


Patient’s recommendation is the perfect business card for a dental practitioner.


Only a positive experience and trust will make your patient recommend your services.



“Smile Experts is a place where I come with pleasure and with no fear of pain. My trust was developed gradually by Mrs. Andreea Alexandru, MD through the care and competence that she showed every time she treated me.”





“For those who are considering to visit Smile Experts as dental clinic:If you think that going to the dentists are unpleasant and forced situations, than you should visit Smile Experts and their team.Simply cannot compare all other experiences with dentist I had, no matter where and when.
If I have to describe in couple of words Smile Experts, it would be: experts, trust, hospitality, amenity, affordable…Or simply to say: dentist that should be the first choice when you need it.
Since I am not any more located in Bucharest, I would say that sometimes (in the case of need) I miss them.I strongly recommend this clinic.”





“In the beginning of my detachment  in Bucharest I focused a serious dental problem.
My predecessor advised me to consult Dr. Andreea, as she and her family members had been dentally treated on a  regular basis by her during their 4-year posting in Bucharest.
Dr. Andreea’s advice as a dentist for treatment of this more complicated orthodontic problem was well-considered and sustainable in order to keep a good set of teeth.
The treatment had been carried out on an adequate way with which I was very satisfied.
Ever since I myself as well as my husband have been regular visitors of the dental practice for orthodontic treatments in the past 4 years.
In the meantime Dr. Andreea has started her own dental clinic, and of course, we had ‘followed’ her to her new practice for further treatments.
Now that our detachment is nearly over, and we will reside in another country, we are considering to return to Bucharest every now and then for a dental check-up/treatment by Dr. Andreea.
We wish her, as a high-qualified dentist, professionally all the best and may her dental clinic become a very successful one.
Furthermore we wish Dr. Andreea personal health and happiness.”


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“The best dentist in Town. In Romania. In Europe. In the world. Andreea and her colleagues make every patient feel at ease. She never makes mistakes and ….I ended up with a Hollywood smile that would have cost £ 10.000, – in London with equivalent in CHF in Geneva or $ in Beverly Hills.
I recommend her to any body and would travel back from Hong Kong to see her rather than a local dentist!”






“Professional. Hygienic. Innovative.

When I first came to Bucharest, I had to find a dental clinic in order to extract urgently 4 wisdom teeth. My x-ray seemed complicated and the case was not easy.

I visited Ms Andreea  Alexandru and from the early beginning, she made me realize the quality of the clinic and its doctors. We extracted the wisdom teeth without feeling any pain (which was my main fear!). The whole procedure was amazingly good and hygienic and I was not swollen (trivial change). Last but not least, it is value for money especially when you compare with the prices in Greece. I highly recommend “Smile Experts Clinica” for any dental issues you have.”





“I have been using Smile Experts for regular check-ups since they opened in 2012. I am very happy with the quality of the dental treatment and the general service, including phone calls to remind me of appointments! They have also given me good advice. But the best thing about Smile Experts is, as someone who tends to feel a bit afraid of a trip to the dentist, that I have always felt entirely comfortable in their hands. Fully recommended.”