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Smile Experts Dental Clinic

We have been providing appropriate dental services in a friendly atmosphere and under safe conditions since September 2012, in Bucharest, District 1.

In order to transform a visit to the dentist into a pleasant experience, we pay special attention on an ongoing basis to all the elements that define a successful medical act:

  • solving dental health problems in one place;
  • the training level of the medical staff;
  • access to advanced treatments and cutting-edge technologies;
  • the location and the safety of the medical act;

In the field of the safety of the medical act, in Romania, we implement the latest EU standards and the recommendations of the “Best Practice” guides in the field, developed by accredited international organizations.

We own state-of-the-art technologies for instrument cleaning, decontamination and sterilization, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15883-1 and 2 and EN ISO 13060.

People and technology. The new way of dentistry.®

Continuous medical training. Hi-tech equipment. Complex treatments. Permanent communication. Prevention. Financial solutions.

Microscope endodontic treatments

We fight for each tooth

Hi-tech equipment

High rates of success

3D Dental Prosthetics

Dental crowns and veneers in one hour

Perfect match

Aesthetics and natural look

Teeth in a day

Fixed teeth in less than 12 hours

Multiple dental implant system

Complete Oral Rehabilitation

Digital Dentistry

Smile Experts the Reference Center of Digital Dentistry


We have brought dentistry in a new era, the one of digitalization.

With the help of digital technology, the work of the medical team gets new valences, setting new standards of quality and safety.

We use digital technology to deliver complex, safe and fast treatments in multiple areas:

Dental Aesthetics: dental veneers;

Dental prosthetics: dental crowns, inlays / onlays and dental bridges;

Implantology: dental crowns on implants;

Orthodontics: digital scanning and online sending of optical impression to laboratories from USA or Germany for designing and manufacturing of personalised invisible dental appliances Invisalign® and Incognito®.

Dental rehabilitation in one visit to the dentist

Digital tehnology reduces the period of the treatments, while increasing the comfort and safety of the patient.

Treatments such as dental crowns, inlays, onlays, dental bridges made traditionally over periods of time of around 10 days, coupled with multiple visits at the office can be done now at Smile Experts in one visit lasting one hour.

6 reasons for which patients choose and recommend the Smile Experts Dental Clinic:

1. Integrated dental services

  • All specialties of dentistry;
  • Interdisciplinary medical team;
  • Dental health problems find a solution in one place.

2. Modern treatment methods

  • Dental LASER treatments;
  • Fast & Fixed Bredent multiple dental implant;
  • Invisible dental devices;
  • Digital Smile Design.

3. Hi-tech medical devices

  • CEREC Sirona system;
  • LASER detector for hidden caries;
  • Digital radiology;
  • Carl Zeiss Microscope.

4. Medical act safety

  • Safety conditions compliant to European standards;
  • Complete traceability of the instruments used for each patient.

5. Professional ethics

  • Detailed and transparent treatment plans;
  • Multiple treatment versions;
  • Ongoing communication.

6. Advantageous financial solutions

  • Interest-free payment in instalments (5 partner cards);
  • SmilePass® subscriptions;
  • Medical Loan.