Invisalign is an invisible orthodontic appliance, a method to straighten teeth by means of detachable aligners.
The comfortable, transparent and detachable Invisalign system transforms the patients’ smile without affecting their social and professional activity.

What should you know about the Invisalign orthodontic appliances?

The Invisalign system uses an advanced 3D computerized imaging technology for designing the treatment scheme, from the initial position of teeth to the desired position.

Invisalign dental appliances are made exclusively in the US by Align Technology’s, the largest manufacturer of transparent dental aligners.

With a dedicated software, using dental impresion (classical or digital), images and X-rays of the patient and orthodontist indications, the Align Technology specialists creates virtual model and primary treatment plans. The Invisalign certified orthodontist checks and confirms the final version of the treatment.

14 million people have chosen treatment with Invisalign

What differentiates Invisalign from other types of dental applinces?

• is a 100% personalized dental appliance, the aligners are designed based on the clinical situation of each patient;
• it is designed and made using digital technology;
• Invisalign is not a fixed dental appliance, it can be removed at any time by the patient without the doctor’s intervention;
• aligners are invisible, detachable and comfortable;
• acts programmed on each tooth;
• the aligners are changed every two weeks, they gradually move teeth to the projected position;
• the aligners are made of durable thermoplastic material of medical quality;
• Invisalign allow to maintain an optimal level of dental hygiene throughout the treatment period. Theey can be removed whenever it is necessary to perform the cleaning of the teeth;
• the patient has no restrictions on the food consumed, since the aligners will be removed before the meal and will be put in place back later.

Stages of Invisalign dental treatment

Am I a candidate for Invisalign dental treatment?

Invisalign can be used to treat the orthodontic problems of the majority of adults and adolescents.

Clinical situations where Invisalign dental appliance is recommended:

• Dental restorations (crowded, overlapped, rotated teeth);
• Nonsteroidal dental areas (spaced teeth);
• Occlusion open;
• Reverse occlusion;
• Deep sealed cover (overbite).

The orthodontist will determine whether the Invisalign system is appropriate for the patient’s clinical situation following specialist consultation and establishing the orthodontic diagnosis involving x-rays, photos and fingerprints.


INVISALIGN Certified Specialist

Invisalign an 100% digital orthodontic appliance

At Smile Experts, the orthodontic diagnosis for the treatment is done completely digitally.

Choose to be treated safely, quickly and comfortably!

Orthodontic Diagnosis – 100% Digital
Fingerprinting teeth , is made by using an advanced intraoral scanner (digital) as opposed to the conventional fingerprinting ( with silicone material).

The high fidelity optical dental impression is automatically transmitted to the US Lab by the dedicated software.
100% Benefits
Safety – the Invisalign orthodontic applince is made 100% digital (all developing stages:dental impression, design, production);
Precision – Optical impression eliminates human error and the risk of a non-conforming fingerprint;
Comfort – impression without silicone material;
Quickness – digital impression and automatic transmission of information reduce the delivery time of the alligners and exclude the delay and / or postponement of the treatment as can be the case of classical impression with silicone material.

aparat dentar invisalign scanare digitala

Price of invisible orthodontic appliances Invisalign

Types of orthodontic appliance INVISALIGN Price / arch RON
INVISALIGN Full (2 arches treatment)
• check-ups included
INVISALIGN Lite (2 arches treatment)
• check-ups included
INVISALIGN Lite (1 arch treatment)
• check-ups included
Digital orthodontic diagnosis
• digital impression
• photo diagnosis
• 3D dental plan made in USA


Financial solutions

INVISALIGN orthodontic appliance is accessible through 6 financial solutions: :

  • payment in 24 INSTALLMENTS without interest through Raiffeisen Credit Card or Alpha Credit Card;
  • NEW: payment in 24 INSTALLMENTS without interest through Ing Credit Card;
  • payment in 12 INSTALLMENTS without interest through CardAvantaj or StarBT;
  • payment in 18, 24 or 36 INSTALLMENTS through Optimo Card;
  • low-interest medical credit and extended repayment period up to 60 months.

Financial solutions are offered in partnership with 5 banking institutions offering a major benefit to patients: flexibility in choosing a financial services provider.

Choose the orthodontic treatment with Invisalign at Smile Experts!

5 Reasons to do it:

1. Expertise over 200 treatments performed in Bucharest , by an Invisalign® certified orthodontist specialist;
2. Digital orthodontic diagnostics – eliminates human error;
3. 3D treatment plan, safe and faster than the classical impression (with silicone material);
4. Certified safety of the medical act at EU standards;
5. The same price as for classic treatments.