Laser applications in dentistry are numerous, due to the major benefits that come with this method of treatment:


  • Sterilization of the surface to which it is applied (bacterial decontamination)


  • Surgical procedures do not require sutures


  • Minimizes bleeding or inhibits blood loss by coagulation of blood vessels exposed to procedures


  • Precise treatment of surfaces


  • Certain procedures do not require anaesthesia


The dental laser enables the dentist to perform procedures which would not be possible in the traditional manner.

Integration of laser technology in the classic treatment of various dental health problems achieves high rates of success with improved patient comfort.


The use of dental laser in the Smile Experts clinic

In our clinic, the dental laser is used for various procedures, such as: treatment of gum disease and root canal therapy.

Treatment of gum disease

Traditional non-surgical conventional treatment of gum disease includes a complex cleaning method called SRP (scaling and root planing) to remove bacterial buildup which causes and maintains gum disease and to control the inflammation process.


Scaling is the removal of plaque around and below the gum line, using state-of-the-art technology


Root planing is scaling the bacterial buildup from the root of the tooth.

The use of laser therapy adjunctive to SRP proved effective for both bacterial decontamination and debridement of the infected tissue from the periodontal pocket.

Sterilization of the surface to which it is applied and removal of bacterial buildup which causes and maintains gum disease were major arguments for introducing the dental laser for treatment of gum disease in our clinic.


Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy may achieve very high rates of success.


Infection control is crucial for the successful outcome of root canal therapy.


The antibacterial effect of the laser together with its biological stimulating action and acceleration of tissue recovery determined the introduction of the dental laser for root canal therapy in our clinic.