Periodontitis adversely affects the quality of life of the patients, both on personal and professional levels.
It evolves rapidly from the inflammation and bleeding of the gums to the loss of both gingival and bone support. In the final stages causes teeth mobility, which in many cases ends with teeth loss.
The statistics at European Union level show a very high incidence of periodontitis: 50% of the active population is affected by various forms of periodontitis.
Fortunately this disease with devastating effects on health can be prevented.

How can we prevent periodontitis

Considering the main causes that trigger this disease and the way it acts(disease progression), to prevent its appearance, it is highly recommended to:

Maintain an optimal level of oral hygiene

Daily oral hygiene is essential in maintaining dental health and preventing the occurrence of periodontal disease. It must be also correlated with regular visits to the dentist. Recommendation:
igiena orala• Daily brushing 2 times a day, morning and evening to remove bacterial plaque;
• Use of appropriate tooth brushes;
• Use of dental floss and/or dental water flosser;
• Use of a mouthwash as a complementary action of the above mention.

Regular visits to the dentist

Scheme de tratament There are at least two reasons for visiting the dentist, at regular intervals:
1. Dental tartar, resulting from mineralization of bacterial plaque which was not removed by brushing, can be removed from the teeth only in the dental office through specific procedures.
The mechanical action of tartar on gums, determine in the first instance its inflammation and afterwards gingival bleeding (the first stage of development of periodontitis). 
NOTE: Using products with astringent ingredients (which stop bleeding) is not sufficient to eliminate the cause of periodontal disease appearance and evolution.
2. The periodontologist MD, after a detailed consultation, can identify patient’s predisposition to develop periodontal disease, the presence of predisposing factors and along with the patient can establish the appropriate measures / procedures, for the prevention or treatment of periodontal disease.

Other methods of prevention of the periodontitis

Having in view the profound bacterial origin of the appearance and development of periodontitis, a range of prophylactic measures need to be followed by each of us:
• Eliminating smoking;
• Balanced diets;
• Fruit and vegetables consuming;
• Strengthening the immune system.
Also knowing the cause triggers, the factors in disease progression and awareness of the negative effects on life are active methods of prevention. 
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