The main objectives in the treatment of periodontitis (periodontal disease) are to stop the disease from progressing, to remove the generating and favouring factors and to ensure the functional and aesthetic restoration of your teeth.

The Smile Experts dental clinic offers patients full periodontitis treatment options based on:


tratament parodontoza echipa medicala• Specialist and highly trained periodontists (with completed specialisation studies in Switzerland, Germany, France and the USA);
• Doctors who are specialists in Dental aesthetics, Implantology, Oral and maxillofacial surgery;
• Complex treatment schemes, according to the international medical protocols;
• State-of-the-art equipment and technologies;
• Internationally certified materials;
• Compliance with European medical care safety standards;
• Affordable financial solutions.


Interdisciplinary medical team

In advanced stages of the disease, full oral rehabilitation requires treatment schemes that include various periodontics, surgery, implantology and dental aesthetics procedures.

At the Smile Experts dental clinic you will benefit from the expertise of our interdisciplinary medical team, while receiving safe and complete treatment in a single clinic.

Complex treatment schemes for periodontitis

Our tailored treatment schemes, typical of each development stage of the periodontitis, include:

DiagnosisNon-surgical treatmentSurgical treatmentSupport treatment
Initial professional cleaningSRP – tartar removal and subgingival curettageSimple flap surgery (without bone addition)Periodic professional cleaning
PeriodontometryLASER debridement of the gingival sulcus (sterilisation of periodontal pockets)Complex flap surgery (with bone addition)Periodic periodontometry
Digital x-ray imagingLocal or oral treatment with antibioticsCoverage of multiple gum recession (with drawing of connective tissue)Special toothpaste and mouthwash
Dental tomographyTreatment with antisepticsCrown lengthening with bone remodellingMouth shower
Identification of subgingival tartar with LASER technologyTreatment with anti-inflammatory drugsSimple gingivectomy
Root canal tunnelling
Treatment with Emdogain for regeneration of the periodontal tissue
Distal Wedge
Distal Wedge


Financial solutions

Depending of the seriousness of the disease, the cost for the treatment of periodontitis may vary from one patient to another.
We also offer our patients financial consultancy and tailored solutions:

•  payment in 3, 6 or 12 instalments with no down payment and 0% interest by means of CardAvantaj or AlphaCard
• individual schemes offering discounts of up to 20%
• medical loan with an extended repayment period and a low interest rate.


This way, there is no need for you to postpone or schedule for financial reasons the treatment you need!


6 reasons for you to choose the Smile Experts Dental Clinic:

1. The interdisciplinary medical team, highly trained in the treatment of periodontitis;
2. Complex treatment schemes;
3. Safe and complete treatment in a single dental clinic;
4. The medical activities are performed safely, according to European standards;
5. We offer transparent and detailed information on the necessary procedures;
6. Affordable financial solutions;


If you feel like your entire life is affected by periodontitis and you desire the aesthetic and functional restoration of your teeth,request an appointment now for a specialist examination!